Biotical Health offers innovative in vitro diagnostic methods that are certified to ISO 13485 and manufactured, developed, and marketed under the European Regulation 98/79/EC on in vitro diagnostic medical devices.

Our rapid test and real-time PCR lines help to improve people’s health by providing a fast, reliable diagnosis.

With end-to-end development and manufacturing in Spain, our commitment to R&D and quality is based on fully integrated control and development, from raw materials to the finished product.

Ready to meet the needs of national and international markets, we export our products to countries worldwide do.

Rapid Test


The biotical health Immunochromatography line, dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of lateral flow rapid test, are produced and developed under

the European Regulation 98/79/EC for In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices as well as ISO13485.

Our product line offers the possibility of making a rapid and simple diagnosis, using devices that are easy to interpret and do not require laboratory instrumentation, the result of which is obtained in less than 10 minutes.

The design of the rapid test is based on the immunological capture of a colored colloid, during its passage through a membrane on which an antibody, or antigen, has been immobilized.

The colored latex incorporated in various colors (Green, Blue or Red depending on each case), allows us to make an identification of the result and the control line much more accurate.

The test are presented in kit format, with all the necessary elements to carry out a fast and safe diagnosis, and may also include, if required, positive and/or negative controls to verify the effectiveness of the test. Likewise, our test can be used with a compatible electronic reader, which allows to store, manage and interpret the test results.

Fast and reliable


Manufactured and developed in Spain


Dry-reagent-based positive and negative dry controls for additional quality assurance

No laboratory equipment required

Real Time PCR Kits


Our AMPLION Real-Time qPCR line includes kits for the quantitative detection of specific regions of genetic material that contain infectious pathogens (respiratory, gastrointestinal, etc.) in human samples.

Highly sensitivity and precise, these test help health professionals accurately check samples for the presence of the pathogen’s genetic material.

Freeze-dried kits. Transportation and storage at room temperature.

Shelf life: 24 months from manufacture.

“Ready-to-use” kits: contain all the components required for amplification, including plastic consumables.

Easy-to-use. Our freeze-dried master mix comes with everything you need, keeping handling to a minimum and reducing execution time and potential errors.

Versatile. Analyse anywhere from 1 and 96 different samples

Flexible. Most of our kits can be used in the vast majority of open thermal cyclers on the market.